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What to pack when traveling to Sri Lanka?


Are you thinking of going on a Sri Lanka tour? Wondering about what to pack when you come for Sri Lanka tour? If so, you have come to the correct place to get all of your questions answered. Here’s all you need to know about what to pack and what not to pack on your Sri Lanka tour. Below are some insight on Sri Lankan custom regulations and process.

Allowed items

Allowed items

If you are a Sri Lankan resident and if you are over 18 years old then you are allowed to import 2.5l of spirits, 2l of wine and 250ml of eau de cologne. As for the non-residents who are over 18 years are allowed to import 1.5l of spirits and 2 bottles of wine 250 ml of eau de cologne and a small quantity of perfume and souvenirs nor intended for commercial use of worth 250 USD.

Prohibited Items

There’s a list of items that you should keep in mind not to bring when traveling to Sri Lanka. They are dangerous drugs or any narcotic substances, pornographic or seditious materials and any material that may ridicule any religious belief.

Currency import regulation

Currency Import

Everyone can bring local currency or the Sri Lankan rupees up to 20,000. And there is no restriction imposed upon bringing foreign currencies, but the amount over 15,000 USD must be declared upon arrival. And importing Indian and Pakistan currencies are prohibited.   

Currency Export regulation

Currency Export

Up to 20,000 LKR can be exported without any problem. And the for the foreign currencies can be imported and declared except for the Indian and Pakistan currencies which are prohibited in the country.  



Due to the current situation of the country, the use of drones has been temporarily limited, and if you want to use a drone then you must ask the approval of the Sri Lankan Civil Aviation Authority. This ban is put the only drone whereas cameras and other equipment can be used without any hesitation.

Apart from the above information, we thought of adding some extra points. These are the answers for the most commonly raised questions when you have finally set foot on Sri Lanka.   

Is there any restriction on drinking alcohol in Sri Lanka?

Drinking alcohol

There are no national alcohol drinking policy or any restriction on drinking alcohol so far. And alcohol is readily available throughout the country. And the legal age for drinking and also purchasing, alcohol in Sri Lanka is above 21 years.

Also Sri Lanka is a country rich with tradition and culture, therefore drinking in public places is prohibited.

Is there a dress code to be worn in Sri Lanka?

Dress code

As Sri Lanka is a country mostly with a hot climate it is best to pack soft and comfortable clothes with loose-fitting light cotton wear. Even though there is no hard and fast rule about the dress code but it is advised to wear Standard beach attire or bikini near the beach areas. And also, it is highly recommended that when visiting Buddhist temples, it is best to wear T-shirts or blouses that cover up to shoulders and jeans or skirts that cover up to knees.

What is famous in Sri Lanka for shopping?


If you are thinking of shopping in Sri Lanka, there’s a wide variety of things that you may find unique in Sri Lanka. Some of them are gems, batik, tea, handcrafts and also things like handloom fabrics, leather products, reproduction antiques, jewelry, and ceramics are most popular among tourists.  

What can I bring from Sri Lanka?

Bring from Sri Lanka

There are many things that you can bring from Sri Lanka such as lace, batik, spices, masks, and traditional clothing, etc. But keep in mind to not to buy anything that even remotely looks like that it is made from any of the endangered species of Sri Lanka. And also make sure not to bring any of the artifacts from the historical sites as it is illegal as well as immoral to do so.

How to get an international driving Permit in Sri Lanka?

Driving Permit Sri Lanka

here are two ways to get an international driving license in Sri Lanka. You can either get it with your international driving license permit or with your home country driving license. But you have to get you non-Sri Lankan driving license verified in Sri Lanka, otherwise, it is illegal to drive. These temporary driving licenses are being issued at Automobile Association of Ceylon and the Department of Motor transport. You will only be able to obtain a light vehicle driving license. And for those who have a visa for more than 6 months can apply for Sri Lankan Driving license while others will only be eligible for getting a temporary Driving license. And also if you own a passport and a license that is not in the English Language then the translated documents done by the relevant Embassy should be provided. And also a valid medical certificate and a letter of acknowledgment from the ministry of foreign affairs is needed to issue the license.

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