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Narangala Peak

Narangala peak



Narangala, a mountain peak (The golden peak) with a most splendid surrounding which is situated in Uva province, Badulla district. And it is the second highest mountain in Uva province which is second only to Namunukula mountain.The shade of light golden colour that can be seen from Narangala peak at a distance is the reason why it owns the name Narangala the golden peak. 

Narangala the golden peak

Narangala the golden peak consists of two sections (upper section and section part). When you reach the upper section of the Narangala mountain you will be able to witness the most exceptionally beautiful sceneries you have ever come across in your life. If you could reach there in the early morning you will be able to catch a glimpse of the wonderful sunrise Nayabadda Madolsima area, Poonagala area on one side and the Idalgashinna and Haputale plateau, Namunukula mountain range and also Horton Plains Randenigala reserve on the other side.


If you are coming from Badulla or Bandarawela you will have to come to Hali Ela town first. From Hali Ela Town you have to travel through Kandegedara Road till you come across Kinakale Small town. Then you can Park your Vehicles near the old tea factory and start hiking Narangala. There are footpaths and steps where you can use to reach the peak and also you will find protective iron fences in some dangerous places.


  • Not advised for children and not recommended taking kids along.
  • Due to heavy Wind on the peak and the lack of protective fences in most places, have to be careful when observing.
  • Take plenty of water and also food if necessary because there’s no any supply of water at the top of the peak.
  • You may come across heavy steps and difficult places, therefore, a suitable pair of shoes (boots) and a suitable dress is recommended.


Yes,you can reach up to Kinakale town by bus and then on you can walk.

Most of the times the weather is normal and it’s dangerous to hike if it is the rainy season.

Morning is the best time to hike Narangala because the sun is crucial in the day.

No there’s no any payment needed.

Yes, but you have to carry water and other supplies.





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