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Ella is a beauteous city situated in Badulla district. Recently, this city has gotten the attention of both foreign and local tourist. It is mainly due to the infamous places close to Ella city. Ella which is situated 1041m (3415ft) above the sea level, consists of sceneries such as beautiful tea states, mountains, waterfalls and rivers.

Places you must visit in Ella

Little Adam's peak

Little Adam’s peak is one of the prominent tourist’s attractions in Ella. After reaching Ella city go along about 4 km in Passara road then you will come across the junction to reach the Little Adam’s Peak. And then onwards there’s a walk at about 1km to reach the stairs that lead to Little Adam’s Peak. This Mountain consists of three parts with a plain area. From the top, you will be bewitched by the scenery of Ella city and the valley and also Wellawaya area.  Most of the tourists visit this place due to its undeniable beauty. And for those who visit here can stay and appreciate the beauty as long as they like. Moreover, it is best to visit Little Adam’s Peak in a clear sunny weather because with a misty climate it tends to rain from time to time.


Ravana falls is a waterfall connected with a historical background story. This fall is famous with its connection to the historical story of RamaRavana and many other fictional stories about king Ravana. It’s the main reason why this falls has given the name Ravana falls. The height of this falls is 82 feet. And the best time to visit this is from October to December and from January to April. There is a place that can be recommended for bathing as all the other places had been banned due to many unfortunate accidents. Therefore, it is best to be extra careful if you are going closer to the falls. 

To reach Ravana falls one has to go along Wellawaya road at about 6.5 km. for this on can use Ella Wellawaya buses or tuk-tuk or if you need you can hire vehicle to save time.

Ella Rock

Ella rock which is situated in the later part of the Punagala mountain range is another place that attracts tourists who like hiking. This is located in front of the Little Adam’s Peak facing it. The speciality of this rock is that when climbed on to the top one can see a vast range of a vista and also 500 feet steep adds up a thrilling sensation to uplift the beauty of the scenery. Therefore, this is highly recommended for the hike lovers. To reach Ella Rock one has to get to Ella Kithal Ella region and walk about 3km. it takes about one and half hour to reach the top. It’s best to wear suitable clothing when hiking.

Ravana cave

Ravana Cave is an important tourist attraction site which is located close to Ella rock in Ella city. It’s situated about 3.5 km from Ella city. It is believed to belong to the time of King Ravana. In here there are four tunnels separated from each other. And this cave covers an area of 1500 square feet.  


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