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A Cup of tea that Worth 1000$…?


It is indeed intriguing to find a cup of tea which is only 0.28 $ but worth 1000$ in reality. So, what does this cup of tea worth 1000$ instead of its actual price? What is the story behind this? This cup of tea was found by Harald Baldr who is a famous Norwegian Youtuber Vlogger a world traveller on his Sri Lanka Tour. Yes! You heard it right it is his Sri Lanka tour. It is the same country that was targeted by ISIS and devastated the country by exploiting several bombings. But this man took the initiative to plan his Sri Lanka tour right after few months from this devastating occurrence. And he took his time to taste a cup of tea which worth 1000$.

This happened when he was on his way to Climb Ella rock which is one of the greatest tourist destinations in Sri Lanka. He was travelling along the road to Ella in his scooter enjoying the view of the tea plantations beside the road. He stops by to taste a cup of tea from a small tea shop. While mesmerized by the view of the mountains beyond, Harald Baldr starts to have a little chat with the friendly shop owner who explains him about the view and the places that he sees. Then he starts asking about his business and how he started this tea business single-handedly taking a bank loan which worth 2 lakhs (RS 200,000- nearly 1140$). The shop has been opened for two months and he has to pay RS 10,000 per month to the bank to pay off his loan. He was impressed by his diligence and hard work to rise up stand up on his own two feet. A little did he knew that this day would turn his life into a positive road of success. He never knew that Harald Baldr’s to-do list had something special stored for him; that is to help blooming entrepreneurs around the world to success! He was lucky enough to get chosen by this kind-hearted man and get 1100$ to pay off his loan. Because it is not just a cup of tea, it is his honesty diligence and hard work that he put into making this cup of tea which makes it worth 1000$!

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This simple act of kindness was able to touch the hearts of people not only in Sri Lanka but also around the world. Not only you showed that Sri Lanka is safe to travel and still as mesmerizing as ever but also showed the world humanity is still there in the hearts of people.
And Sri Lanka is a country full of diligent and hardworking people, even though their hearts have been crushed and scrambled with the recent incidents, they are rising up by keeping their faith and hope in their strong military forces. We can assure you that the country is back to and safe for travelling as usual. So, visit Sri Lanka and witness the beauty of the country and explore the unique culture and the lifestyle of people that would make you astonished!


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