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Is It Safe to travel Sri Lanka Now?


Even though 2019 is a blissful year for most of the other countries, for Sri Lanka, it is a devastating year. It’s because on the day of the Easter series of bombs explosion took place in several hotels and churches. Due to this reason Sri Lanka tours were banned from many of the countries around the world. And most of the people who had planned for Sri Lanka tours were cancelled. Even now, after a few months of this tragical series of events happened, many of the people are still afraid of Sri Lanka tours. They question the safety of travelling to Sri Lanka. Is it safe to get on with their cancelled Sri Lanka tours now?!  

2019, A devastating year for SRILANKA

It was heart-wrenching that Sri Lanka was attacked by a series of suicide bombings on Easter Sunday, where all the Catholics were praying in churches without knowing what was coming in the next minute. The attacks were well planned and coordinated targeting three churches and three luxury hotels in Colombo. After these humungous attacks, smaller explosions took place in Dehiwala and Dematagoda area. The number of casualties reported was 259 whereas nearly 45 of them were foreign nationals. And at least 500 people were injured due to these attacks. The churches that were attacked situated in Negombo, Batticaloa and Colombo whereas the hotels were Shangri-la, Cinnamon Grand, Kingsbury and Tropical Inn. It was discovered that these attacks were done by the Sri Lankan members of the National ThouwheethJama’ath. And the country is returning to normal with the help of strong military forces tremendous efforts.

Tourist Industry After the attack

This attack was a severe blow to the tourism industry in Sri Lanka. Tourist arrival declined tremendously. And 98% of the bookings got cancelled after the bombings.  And most people depend on this tourism industry like hotels, guides souvenir, tuk-tuk drivers, food sellers in Sri Lanka are struggling for their life. Its was like a second blow for Sri Lanka after Easter attack.

Is Sri Lanka Safe now?

Yes! Thanks to the humungous effort of the military forces of the country the safety have been assured after commencing several strategic plans and arresting most of the people who had connected with National ThouwheethJama’ath. Its all thanks to the military forces and police who worked day and night to bring Sri Lanka back to safety.

Is it safe to travel to Sri Lanka now?

Yes, the country is safe and beautiful than ever! And by travelling to Sri Lanka and experiencing the country, it is ordinary Sri Lankans that you are helping the most. A dollar that you spent in this country goes much further and deeper than you could ever think of. Just your presence in the country could do wonders to the innocent life of the Sri Lankan citizens. Your visit is an endorsement for the efforts of Sri Lanka to recover and rebuild the country. Furthermore, we can assure you that you won’t regret coming to this beautiful country and what you would regret is that not coming to this little paradise!     

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