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Why Sri Lanka is the best tourist destination in 2019?


Sri Lanka is considered as one of the best and foremost tourists’ destinations in the world. According to the Lonely Planet Sri Lanka was ranked as the best tourist destination in 2019. But due to the recent series of tragical events this marvellous little country has been banned from visiting by many countries. The tourists could not resist the beauty of this marvellous country. Most tourists ignored all the warnings and visited the wonders of Sri Lanka. And now that the safety of the country has been retained and stable, the number of tourists who visit Sri Lanka has increased drastically over a few months.

So, what does this country holds that it is irresistible for tourists?

If you are wondering about this question, then, first of all, we should start with the unique delicacies of this country. Even though this country’s staple food is rice and curry, with the influence of western and Asian cuisine trends this country has a wide variety of spicy and vibrant dishes. Among them be sure to taste Kottu and jackfruit curry which are popular among both tourists and locals as well. Apart from its religion and culture, its wildlife and beaches cannot be missed out when visiting this country. In here you will witness the most adventurous wildlife experience in national parks with herds of elephants roaming freely amidst the forests. Not only that but also the beaches with sparkling shores will never let you down. Moreover, the country’s Buddhist temples ruins and monuments will make you stunned with their unique craftsmanship.

And with the rapid increase in the tourism industry, many facilities have been given to uplift the tourism industry. Renovations have been made to the rail system, after ending the 26 years of the civil war the country has opened northers areas of the country for visits as it was previously been closed due to war. And also, there are major developments that can be seen in new visitor accommodation in the country. From homestays to high-end eco retreats to major international hotel chains were a great help in the development of the tourism of the country.

These are the reasons why this country was in the first place on lonely planet’s best in travel lists top 10 countries. And it was ranked by the staff of lonely planet including its editors and contributors from around the world. Even though the Easter attacks led the tourism industry to a major downfall at the beginning of this year, with all being solved and the safety is ensured by the Sri Lankan military the country is back on the track. Tourists can visit this marvellous place without fears and witness the wonders of Sri Lanka as you have never seen before. Whether it is the scenic beauty of nature, or the wildlife with elephants, or the intricate architectural and irrigational values of the ruins which provide evidence to the country’s history, or the sparkling beaches, or the country’s unique Buddhist culture and also the food, the country is full of wonders. And it is a package deal of everything you ever wanted to visit in life. And that’s why it is the best of the best tourist destinations.       


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