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Pidurangala Rock

Pidurangala rock


Pidurangala rock is an ancient sacred place of worship, which is located in a parallel ground north to most renowned Sigiriya Rock Fortress & it’s a rocky plate, situated in a prairie on a rather huge mountain.

Moreover, Pidurangala rock is located at a place about 2 km away from Sigiriya rock fortress & it’s 340 feet above sea level. On this Piduarangala rock is a religious temple which consists of a great historical value.


Before the period that King Kashayapa chose Sigiriya as his kingdom, there were about 500 reverend monks living there. The process of building the king’s fortress was a disturbance for the meditating monks living there. And according to the history, king Kashyapa built a temple on the top of Pidurangala rock and offered it to these monks due to this reason.

The historical evidence reveals that this temple used to be one of the temples which had all the facilities need for them at that time. The ruins of this temple can be witness to the date. on top of that, the history declares that king Kapshyapa used to visit this temple twice a day and worshipped Buddha. He also became the main contributor in this temple at a later period of time.

Some old legends declare that king Ravana in the world famous Ramayan used Pidurangala rock as a place to park and elevate his Dadumonare (the vehicle of Ravana) into the sky.


At present Pidurangala rock is distinguish among both local and foreign tourists, mostly among hikers. The reason for this remarkable fame is due to its undeniably perceptible view at the top of the rock which consists of Sigiriya on one side and the mesmerizingly beautiful nature on the other side which makes it an ideal place for photography.


Located in the village Sigiriya close to Sigiriya in Matale district. There are stairs and small footpaths to reach the temple. And the latter part consists of rocks which have to be climbed to reach the top. It’s an area about 340 feet


  • As this is an ancient religious place, please be conscious of your behavior.
  • Wear a suitable outfit for rock climbing
  • Keep in mind to take enough food and water
  • Don’t throw polythene and other waste materials into the environment.



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