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Nine Arch Bridge Sri Lanka




Nine Arch Bridge Sri Lanka is a remarkable artefact placed in between Demodara and Ella railway stations. The specialty of the Nine Arch Bridge Sri Lanka is that it is made out of granite rocks and cement placing it to a certain pattern without using a single piece of steel rods. And also, it is one of the world’s renowned artefact made to adjoining two hills which consists nine arches giving out its name as Nine Arch Bridge Sri Lanka.

Information about the bridge

The length of the bridge is 300 ft (91.44m) and the bridge contains nine Arches. This bridge is solely made by using granite and cement. The height of one arch is about 97 feet. And the granite bricks of 2 feet and 8 inches, 1 foot 8 inches, 8 inches and 3 inches were used when making. The width of one arch is about 24 feet and 6 inches.



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