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Little Worlds end


Mini World’s End


Even though places like Dabana ,Sorabora reservoir, Rawana Ella, Dunhindha Ella, etc are well known among the tourists. there are many heartwarming places that are well hidden from the eyes of many tourists in Uva province. And the Mini world’s end located in Badulla Pitamaruwa area is one of them. This Mini world’s end consists of a soothing environment with green trees and vines which enhances the beauty of nature. Not only that, the little flutters of the colourful flowers enrich the beauty of Little word’s end to the point that it spellbound the tourists to its beauty.


You can reach Passara from Badulla and from there you have to travel through Pitamaruwa road to reach Madolsima. And after travelling a few Kilometers from Madolsima you can reach Little world’s end. It is about 61 KM from Badulla town. If you are coming from Kandy town, then you can travel across the Badulla Randenigala read and reach Migahakiula town. From there you can travel to Pitamaruwa. It’s about 35 KM from Migahakiula and keeps in mind that this road can be used only if you are travelling by Bikes or jeeps etc.No matter whichever the road you take, both roads falls through a splendid view of nature. And while you travel along to Madolsima you will be able to witness the Rock called D.S rock or Kokagala which was named after the first prime minister of Sri Lanka as this rock looks like the prime minister D.S Senanayake. To visit Mini world’s end you don’t have to walk that much of a distance. Its only about 50m or less.

Mini World’s End-MADULSIMA

This has a direct slope of about 1250 feet and its field of view extends to several hundred miles. When from here you can observe including Bibila-Mahiyangana road several other roads as well as many lakes and reservoirs. From one side the view extends to Ampara , Batticaloa and to the northern beach. And on the other side, the view extends up to Mahiyangana and Polonnaruwa.Even though it’s not as cold as the world’s end in Nuwara Eliya district, this place has a soothing atmosphere.

For those who visit this place can witness animals like Wild boars, deer, jungle fowl and hares. Not only that but also different species of birds and plant can be seen in this place.  Passara provincial council has made arrangement to protect the tourists who visit this place but it’s better to be careful when visiting places like these. Due to its rich natural beauty, the Mini world’s end can be recommended as one of the places that must visit if you are coming to Uva province.


  • If you are visiting this place you have to bring your food and supplies.
  • If you are coming to camp and observe the beauty then you have to bring your own camping kits and also other necessary materials especially to get protected from leeches.
  • It is for the great relief of all the tourists that this place has no specific opening hours or no any tickets issued for the visit.



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